CREWS stands for Creating Respect, Educating Wellness (by and for) Students. CREWS Peer Educators provide essential educational services for campus groups, classes, departments and organizations on ways to lower their risks in the areas of alcohol use and sexual health practices, as well as offering tobacco education.

What CREWS peer educators do at CSU:

  • CREWS is a diverse, trained peer education team who help fellow Rams make safer/healthier decisions about alcohol, sexual health and tobacco.
  • Members earn upper-level credits and a National Peer Educator Certification after training.

What CREWS is really about:

  • CREWS peer educators provide highly interactive and fun events for campus groups, classes, and even football games.
  • We recruit from all academic majors, life experiences, race/ethnicities, genders, and sexual orientations that reflect who we are as a campus.

Current Members

I’m Eric, an economics and political science major here at CSU. I joined CREWS because I believe in freedom and information. I want to educate students here drugs, alcohol, and sexual health. Everyone has a right to this information, and I want to make sure they get it.

Hi, I’m Olivia! I’m a sophomore studying psychology. I’m passionate about promoting sexual health and want to help create a fun, safe campus. CREWS is a wonderful group, pushing to giver peers’ accurate information to make safer choices.

Hello friends! My name is Emi and I am your friendly neighborhood vampire. I love books, video games, and bad puns. When I am not stalking the late night streets of FoCo I dedicate myself to educating everyone I meet. I believe education is our most valuable asset. As a true American hero once said, “knowing is half the battle” – G.I. Joe

Hey all! My name is Allie, I am a Human Development and Family Studies major in one of my last years at CSU. I joined CREWS because I love meeting new people and enjoy sharing tips and tricks to help people have fun and stay safe. I’m very passionate about our sexual health programs and am a vehement activist for sexual freedom and nonjudgement.

Hi there! My name is Andrea Coopersmith and I’m from California. I am an undeclared sophomore, but am hoping to declare Human Development and Family Studies by the end of the spring semester. I love being a CREWS member because it allows me to meet and educate my fellow peers! If you ever have any questions about alcohol, tobacco, or sexual health, don’t hesitate to ask me! I promise I don’t bite!

Hi, I’m Helen and I am studying Social Work. I joined CREWS because I think that knowledge is very powerful and I want to educate my peers and help them stay safe. I hope through my experience with CREWS to make an impact.


Hey wassup. I’m Lauren Kargul and I am a Health and Exercise Science major! Joining CREWS is the best decision I’ve made here at CSU. I love helping fellow students by educating on important and interesting topics.

I’m Chelsea an Interdisciplinary Liberal Arts and Comm. Studies major from Aurora, Colorado. I joined CREWS because I wanted to work on my public speaking skills and I wanted to teach about safety.

Hi, my name is Kassi Jensen. I am a health and exercise science major here at CSU, with a concentration in sports medicine. I’m originally from Idaho, but came to CSU because I fell in love with the mountains and the campus. I really enjoy getting outside and hiking, mountain biking, rock climbing and just exploring. I also love scrapbooking, DIY projects, and baking cupcakes. I decided to get involved in CREWS because I thought it was a great way to get involved on campus and to help educate about potentially harmful activities.

I am a Wildlife Biology major but I really enjoy connecting with my peers and talking about sexual health.

Hey there! My name is Hannah Myers. I am currently a HDFS (Human Development and Family Studies) major at CSU. I was born in China and grew up in Boulder, CO. I love being around people, and I am also a snowboarder and soccer player. I look forward to educating interested people and being a CREWS member. I am a very open person and excited to hear your questions!

Hi! My name is Austin! We all know that I am at Colorado State University! I will be graduating in Spring of 2018. My major is Psychology and I’ve made the decision to continue with Grad School. I have not decided if I’m going to continue with CSU or go explore. What I do have decided is that I will be making the best of my undergraduate degree and CREWS is the best place to do that. Educating fellow Rammies about the important of safe alcohol consumption, sex, etc. is very important to me. “Rams take care, rams take actions,” describes our group perfectly because we truly care about the safety of others.

Hi guys! My name is Karsyn and I am from Bozeman, Montana. I’m currently working on a degree in biochemistry here at CSU. Although I haven’t had the chance to do it in Colorado, I love to snowboard. Winter is probably my favorite season. I joined CREWS because I wanted to get more involved on campus and this is a great way to do so!

Hi! My name is Brett Ritland and I’m from Aurora, CO. I am currently a pre-med student studying biological sciences with a concentration in human anatomy and physiology. I joined CREWS because I am passionate about the health of myself and my peers. Not only has that but CREWS offered a great opportunity to improve communication and leadership skills. I look forward to my second year with CREWS!

I’m Aruka and I’m from Denver, CO! I’m a journalism major and I love to keep up to date with what’s going on around me. I wanted to join CREWs to educate others about leading a healthy lifestyle. I enjoy spending time with friends, writing, and being outdoors.

Hi, my name is Savannah and I am a Psychology major with a minor in Criminal Justice at CSU. I love CSU and our beautiful and friendly campus. Education is an important privilege in life and I am excited to share new information with my peers, so don’t be afraid to say hi!

Hi! My name is Linnae and I was born and raised here in Fort Collins. Some of my favorite things to do include playing soccer, figure skating, and binge watching Netflix. I joined CREWS to help spread awareness of health topics on campus and to help with creating a healthier, safer community.

Hey my name is Tucker, I’m a business major here at CSU. When it snows, you’ll find me on the slopes. Follow me on twitter @tuekray_V

I joined CREWS because I saw that I could make an impact at Colorado State and I love what CREWS does, so here I am (:

C.R.E.W.S. at a Glance

Want to learn more? Here's some additional information about who we are and what we do:

  • C.R.E.W.S. is celebrating its 10th anniversary this year
  • Members are asked to always exhibit an attitude of non-judgment towards the diverse beliefs and backgrounds which comprise the CSU student body.
  • Peer educators are trained/certified through the nationally recognized Certified Peer Education organization.
  • Members earn academic credits for completing the comprehensive training program. 
  • Through CREWS programming, our team reaches 9000-10,000 CSU students every year utilizing various leadership skills to develop and implement new educational programs and initiatives 
  • Team member specifically are trained in the areas of listening skills, teaching/ presentation techniques, risk reduction skills and resource/referral skills.