C.R.E.W.S. is devoted to increasing positive health behaviors and perceptions as well as supporting harm reduction among the student body at Colorado State University through non-judgmental initiatives.

Get Involved

Make a difference in your CSU community.


CREWS peer educators present information in a nonjudgmental manner. They give facts and information to help students make their own choices.


CREWS peer educators have many opportunities to make connections – with students, with fellow peer educators and with staff.

Did You Know?

CSU students who drink alcohol have reported:


use a designated driver most of the time when they party


eat before and/or during drinking


stay with the same group of friends the entire time when they drink

Our alcohol programs encourage peers to think about safety when drinking and partying in various situations around alcohol through an interactive and educational programming.

C.R.E.W.S. members provide resource information to students informing them on the available health and well-being services offered at CSU.

C.R.E.W.S. members exhibit an attitude of non-judgment towards the diverse beliefs and backgrounds which comprise the student body.

C.R.E.W.S seeks to enhance the health of the CSU student community through a variety of peer lead initiatives.

C.R.E.W.S. is a peer education team that focuses on Tobacco Prevention/Cessation, Alcohol Education/Prevention, and Sexual Health.